Tiny Toes Keepsakes

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the ideal age to cast a child?

Any age is possible, the smaller the better! But of course it's never to late. The material used is an alginate, safe for all skin types, new baby skin and sensitive skin included. 

What should I expect at the impression appointment?

Unfortunately, appointment times vary by each project / casting. We take into consideration the number of casts needed and the age of the child to quote an appointment time. Ultimately it depends on the cooperation of the child to determine how long the casting appointment will take. An appointment for a single adult hand would be approximately 30 minutes.  

The impression material we use is made exclusively for us; it is a comfortable ‘bathwater warm’ temperature, free of dyes and perfumes,  and safe to use on baby’s delicate skin. The hand or foot will be in the mold material for approximately 60 seconds in total.
During that time, the child can wiggle and move for the first 20-30 seconds, after which a setting process occurs which turns the liquid into a rubber like solid.
When mold material starts to set, we strive for as little movement as possible in order to capture the most detail possible.
During the ‘setting time’ (which lasts approximately 6-10 seconds) we will distract your child until the mold sets to a soft rubber texture.
After the mold is set, we gently remove the hand or foot from the mold – and your part is done.

When will my casting product be ready?

All of our products are custom made one at a time. Special care is taken to ensure they are dried, cleaned and detailed and properly sealed for longevity. Most products involve custom ordering for supplies, frames, mats, stamped name bars etc. So please allow approximately 4 weeks for completion. If you need a rush order please inquire and I can see what can be done and possibly speed it up if there aren't too many orders in progress. If it is a gift and time is an issue a gift certificate might be a better option.

Where are you located and can you come to my home?

We are located Nepean (Barrhaven). Please see the "Contact Us" page for location. This is a home based business so the impression appointment will take place at my home. However I will travel to you should you wish to host a "Home Party".

How can I host a home party? What are the benefits?

I will come to your home for the impression/casting appointment. ( within the Ottawa and surrounding areas ) In order to qualify you need 4 qualifying friends to join. What this means is each friend must purchase a minimum of a $100 item in order to count towards your hostess benefit.  As a hostess you will receive 1 item of choice at 50% off and your guests will receive 10% off their purchase. I ask that your friends take a look at the product before coming and plan on purchasing. I will come with all of my supplies that day and complete the impressions on the spot. In 4-5 weeks when they are finished I will deliver them to the hostesses house. 

All payments must be made in full at the casting appointment. 

Are Gift Certificate Available?

You betcha!

You can purchase a gift certificate for any amount and the recipient can put it towards the purchase of her choice or you can purchase it for a specific product. It's entirely up to you. 

If you have and additional questions or inquires please contact us, we'll insure to get back to you as soon as possible.